Maya and the Crystal Skull
Book 1

Maya's life has changed. Her mother is dead, killed in a car accident; she's befriended by Ethan, a boy who claims he's from the spirit world; and now her father is missing.

What does the legend of the crystal skulls have to do with her father's disappearance? Will Maya travel to Mexico to save him? How can Maya's destiny have anything to do with the future of humankind?

The Mexican jungle, ancient Mayan ruins, dangerous bounty hunters and evil kidnappers...

Yes, Maya's life has changed. The fate of the world depends on her.

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Maya and the Daring Heist
Book 2

Across the world, far away from Maya King, a crystal skull is stolen from the British Museum. When Maya hears the news, she is relieved that this time she is not involved. She has nothing to fear from the thieves, especially being kidnapped and held prisoner.

A birthday present for her father sets in motion unexpected events for Maya. Smugglers, the black market and, yes, kidnapping. Maya’s life is in danger again. So, too, are the lives of her father and best friend. Everything is at stake. The smugglers will stop at nothing, but neither will Maya.

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Stop! Do Not Read This Book

Sam hates to read. She hates books.

Unfortunately for Sam, her family are bookworms, her mom writes children's books and her teacher thinks reading is important.

Every day is a battle for Sam to avoid reading and to keep her secret. Life gets so bad, Sam is ready to move to Antarctica.

Instead, Sam is about to have the most embarrassing experience of her life. Will she survive?

Stop! Do not read this book -- and help Sam keep her secret.

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Best Joke Ever

Gary is sick of being a loser. He wants to be popular.

So, he comes up with the best joke ever.

But the joke gets out of control. Soon the whole town is involved. The school is in danger. Gary is too. Can he fix everything before it's too late?

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Best Team Wins

Ella stops to watch a group of boys play cricket. She asks if she can join in their game. They react as if she's a zombie asking to join the church choir!

According to the boys, girls can't play cricket. Ella will ruin their game.

The boys' comments make Ella so cross that she agrees to a boys versus girls cricket match.

But there's a big problem. Ella doesn't have a cricket team. She has to find a team by the end of the week - a team good enough to beat the boys!

On the big day, the best team wins... Is it the boys' team? Is it the girls' team? Who is the secret weapon?

Best Team Wins is a play script with a large cast of characters, which makes it ideal for performing in classrooms or school theaters.

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How to Write a Great
Children's Book

Never before has a children's author with so much proven success offered this kind of advice and guidance in one instructional and entertaining book. Let Robyn guide you, step by step. From getting new ideas to inventing exciting and loveable characters. From creating your perfect workspace to how best to go about plotting and developing stories for all the different types of children's books. From baby picture books to easy readers. From education and trade books to young adult (YA) novels. You'll learn everything there is to know from an author who's actually been published - 89 times!

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The Pony Game

Alice loves horses more than anything else, but the only animal she has is a black labrador named Beauty. Beauty can t trot or neigh or do the things horses do, so Alice plays the pony game with Beauty, and walks him around the yard on a bridle. She grooms Beauty s shiny black coat with a brush, and feeds him dry grass along with his dog biscuits! When Alice s next-door neighbour Kate goes on holiday and leaves her horse Midnight for Alice to look after, Alice soon forgets all about Beauty and the pony game. Looking after a horse is so much hard work though, and soon Alice thinks that maybe having a dog isn t so bad after all.

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Caught in a Cyclone

It's Christmas Eve, 1974, when Cyclone Tracy hits Darwin in Northern Australia.

Lucy is at home with her parents and her dog, Foxy. As the ferocious cyclone intensifies, Foxy goes missing. Will Lucy be able to save her dog from the storm? Or will Christmas be a disaster in more ways than one?

This is a moving tale of one family's ordeal during a true-life event.

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Black Baron

Black Baron, Jake's champion racing cockroach, hasn't lost a race and Jake is on top of the world. But then his mum decides to clean up his bedroom and discovers Black Baron in a shoebox under Jake s bed. Mum is aghast -- how could Jake keep such a filthy pest? But Black Baron escapes and Jake's Mum calls the pest exterminator and a humorous slapstick tale ensues.

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Eye of the Future

Karen has the Eye – she can see what will happen in the future.

Karen thinks the eye will be fun until she dreams about something awful.

Will her worst nightmare come true or can Karen change her future?

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Our Secret Place

A deserted house is a great place for secret meetings. Tim and his mates often meet there. Even on really cold nights! The question is: how will they keep warm?

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Backstage Betrayal

Laura's not scared of the dark. Well, she wasn't before being locked inside this old theatre. This is darkness like never before. What's that noise? Is the villain still here with her?

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My Bike

Do you love to ride your bike? This story is about where I ride my bike on Saturdays.

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People Need Trucks

Trucks are used for all sorts of jobs. This book tells us why we need trucks and what trucks are used for.

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Jen Stays Inside

Jen has chicken pox and has to stay inside. She wants to go outside to play. Will Jen get to play with her friends once she is better?

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Mrs Twitch & the Small Black Box

Mrs Twitch is an inventor of a different kind. Her inventions are for fun and are more like games than serious inventions. Jess stays with Mrs Twitch in the school holidays while her parents are at work. One day Mrs Twitch hands her a mysterious looking black box. What does the black box do? Will using the black box have disastrous consequences for Jess?

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Martian Milk

Paul is afraid of trying Martian Milk. What if it makes him turn into a Martian? The sales lady offering him the Martian Milk says she's from Earth, but she doesn't look human. Has she been drinking too much Martian Milk? What will happen to Paul? And why does he cause a disturbance in the supermarket?


Working like a Dog

When Lucia wants new skates, she has to find a way of earning some money to buy them. That is when she comes up with the idea for Lucia's Dog Walking Service. Business booms, but then Rex wreaks havoc and the other dogs break free. Suddenly, Lucia has a dog crazy chase on her hands.

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Jack’s Great Search

Jack needs to find a hobby fast. He has to show the class a hpbby and talk about it. What will Jack do? He doesn't collect stamps or coins. He doesn't keep sports cards or bugs in jars. Jack's Great Search for the best hobby has begun.

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The Mad Mower

Wouldn't it be great to have another you - someone who could do all the work while you could sit back and relax? Tony has been working on his secret computer program for six months. If it works, it could change his life forever. When he finally tests out the program and succeeds in creating his identical twin, things don't turn out exactly as he planned. Find out in The Mad Mower what happens when there are two Tonys around the house.

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Living in Space

Would you like to know what it is like to be an astronaut living in space? What would you eat? How would you sleep? How would you brush your teeth? Why is exercise so important? Living in Space will make you feel like an astronaut!

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