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Writing Children's Books

Free Writing Tips and Advice
by Robyn Opie Parnell,

author of 90 children's books and 3 family feature screenplays.

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Write About What You Know
Your Passions and Interests

Goals and Goal Setting -
Helping You Get Published

How to Write a Children's Book -
An Interview With Robyn Opie Parnell

Robyn's Interview on Youtube

Getting a Children's Book Published: The Pony Game

What Do Publishers Want?

How to Get a Children's Book Published

Finding a Publisher for Your Children's Book

How to Edit Your Children's Book

Becoming a Better Writer

Plotting a Children's Book

Ideas and Plotting a Children's Story: Cyclone Santa

Begin with a Bang!

Creating Ideas for Children's Books

Creating Believable Characters in Children's Books

Character Archetypes

Show, Don't Tell and Improve Your Writing Today

How to Write an Easy Reader

How to Write a Picture Book

Classifying Children's Fiction

Write What You Love!

Start Your Writing Career Today


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